Manordow Properties Limited Services

We are your advisor, broker, property manager and advocate, ensuring you get the greatest value and return from your retail, commercial, industrial or multi-family property. Whether you're looking to build, expand, relocate or sell, we'll guide you through the process with services tailored to your specific vision.

If you're looking to buy any kind or commercial or residential property, Manordow Properties Limited will help. In what can be a complex undertaking, Manordow Properties ltd will help you to overcome all challenges as they guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.
Manordow Properties Limited are experts in residential an commercial property sales providing you with the best real estate advice in selling property across Port Harcourt, Rivers State and other states of the Country.
When it comes to property management, there's only one name you need: Manordow. As Nigeria's independent real estate company, Manordow has helped a lot of institutional and private investors, companies and individual owners to manage their properties. We provide superior property and facilities management services for all types of commercial and residential property.
We can make planning recommendations that will enable you achieve optimally in your real estate investment.
We assist our clients in verifying right property titles and processing of effective ownership title to thier properties in the various land registries.
In Manordow Properties Ltd we have a platform for investors who are interested in short time real estate investment of between 18 to 36 months after which reasonable return on their investment is achieved and their investment can be liquidated.
Our team will do due deligence to ensure that profit on your investment is achieved on every investment we lead in.
Manordow Properties ltd is also involve in building and selling affordable houses of all types to interested prospect. we also partner with banks, institutions and individuals who are interested in Real estate development to deliver decent and affordable houses with flexible payment options.